The Heroes Of The Second Amendment

Moms Demand Action, lead by Shannon Watts, is one the offensive when it comes to dismantling the Second Amendment of the US Constitution. The gun control group is well funded by left-wing millionaire Michael Bloomberg. Watts has used Twitter to attack Second Amendment advocates. They are also supported by Hollywood, which subtly attacks gun sports men and women while making movies that glorify firearms.

With the dishonest media pumping out gun control advocates false statistics and lies, it can seem like there are no one backing up the Constitution.

However, Second Amendment has a a great set of heroes. These are people with true stories, facts, and concerns about how the government handles safety. These new heroes who have taken up the gauntlet in defending our Right to Bear Arms: women.

The National Rifle Association has been touting it’s renewed support among women with ads aimed to lift women out of the victimhood that liberalism and gun control advocates place them under. These ads are not spreading fear, but empowerment.

Dana Loesch of TheBlaze has been a longtime defender of the Second Amendment. She literally wrote the book on it, Hands Off My Gun, which became a bestseller in 2014. She has been a force of nature, taking on leading gun control organizations and openly challenging their manufactured figures and controversy. She has been a member of the NRA for sometime, being featured at several events and was part of their “Commentators” series of viral videos.

Last year, Mrs. Loesch was featured in “Freedom’s Safest Place” series of online videos. Her video is titled “Real Empowerment” is a warning for rapists who might attempt to prey on women. She says that real empowerment looks like putting her safety into her owns hands, using her right to bear arms.

This January, she was seen at SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada where she proudly stood with the National Rifle Association in supporting the new and exciting new products that gun manufacturers and others are producing this year. I had the pleasure of meeting her at Politcon 2016.

To be clear, Dana Loesch is not the only woman who is standing up for her rights.

Kimberly Corban, a rape survivor turned gun rights advocate, has taken a truly horrifying experience and made it into a testimony about standing up for yourself. She even had the opportunity to confront former President Barack Hussein Obama at a townhall about his policies. She tells her story on her own “Freedom’s Safest Place” video titled “Never Again.” She was also featured in a 2016 NRA video titled “Defend Your Right To Self-Defense.” She has became a strong Second Amendment advocate, doing interviews and speaking engagements.

Joining Loesch and Corban is Antonia Okafor, who is a campus correspondent for Campus Reform. Her “Freedom’s Safest Place” video is titled “I Didn’t Listen” where she touches on the racist attitudes behind gun control. She declares she did not listen to those who called her an “Uncle Tom” for standing up for her right to own a gun. She was also at Shot Show in Las Vegas supporting the Second Amendment.

As pro abortion women march, these women and others like Life of a Shooter’s wife blogger Mia Rhode, march to preserve our Right to Bear Arms.

No longer do liberals have a hold on the perception of gun rights advocates, claiming they are old white men. These are women who have courageously put themselves in the line of fire to defend the Second Amendment.

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