Where ‘Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest’ Succeeds And Fails

It is no secret that Avengers Assemble has gone through some significant changes. The series replaced Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, which mimicked the comic books to some degrees. Avengers Assemble and subsequent seasons took more inspiration from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, after season four, it became Avengers Secret Wars, introducing new characters to the show including Black Panther and Captain Marvel.

After the success of the King of Wakanda’s own film, he is given the starring role in season five, re-titled Black Panther’s Quest. In this season, T’Challa chooses to leave the Avengers in order to solve some invasions into his home country, though Captain America identifies him as a ‘Secret Avenger.’

I am enjoying the story as it goes into the eighth episode. (Don’t worry, no spoilers.) This is where the season succeeds. Black Panther and his sister Shuri are fighting the Shadow Council, a mysterious organization that is planning on taking over Wakanda. The series introduces the villains Killmonger and M’Baku and while the rest of the Avengers have smaller roles, they still make sporadic appearances. That being said, Black Panther shines as the main character. The focus allows for other characters like White Wolf (who has not truly been seen in media) to be developed.

Where the series fails in its timeline and animation.

For the former, after the end of Avengers Secret War and Ultimate Spider-Man, the shows decide to go a different route. Nothing wrong with that, but they seem to pretend that a lot of things did not happen, particularly Spidey got a complete overhaul and reset. The new show simply titled Marvel’s Spider-Man combines Spidey with his roots while also bringing in Marvel NOW aspects such as Miles Morales. It would have been simpler if the Secret Wars had altered reality somehow. This makes the timeline somewhat confusing.

The second problem is the artwork. If you want to change the tone, sure, it stands to reason you change the style. However, you want it to improve. Instead, the artwork is simplified so much, it looks more like a kid’s cartoon from the 90s since the more modern look of the previous seasons. Fortunately, the voice cast and the story-arc carry it forward.

No doubt this art-style will continued in Marvel’s Spider-Man and at least in Black Panther’s Quest, but I hope that they will bring back the modern artwork that made the first four seasons so impressive. Of course, Disney has been known to double down on their mistakes instead of learning from them.

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