Shane West Defends His Bane Costume. Bad Move.

In an interview with The Wrap, actor Shane West discussed the poor reception to the costume designed for his upcoming appearance in the final season of ‘Gotham.’ The actor did the only thing he could, defended it, saying, “I loved the costume.”

For those of you who forgot, here is an image:

“For me, we had a whole different thing, because I was out there for two-and-a-half months doing the build and it took a long time to put that costume together. But the point of the costume always, which is apparently the point of what they do for all of their heroes and villains on the show, which I wasn’t aware of, they build here,” he said. “They do kind of like in a comic book, artistic sense they build everything for the face, for the chest and the abdomen and the arms and the head and that’s kind of it, because they kind of fade out and they’re expecting things to film — angles, colors. So things have to be filmed correctly when things are coming out.”

He went on blame the photos for the bad look. “Some of the photos are better than others. And then, I think once you see it on film- and now that I finally have, I’m very happy with it the way it was filmed, the way it was shot.”

This is not a good answer. Fans have the scene the costume now in officially released photos and through teasers for upcoming episodes of ‘Gotham.’ Hollywood, on both the big screen and small screen, need to learn better than to double down.

He should have said one of two things. First, he should have advised to wait and see for the episode before making a judgement. The second, he should have reminded fans that this is prequel series and so the costume would no doubt be different than in the Batman comic books. This would have made more sense. However, West is a good actor, so despite his faux pas, I am willing to forgo judgement until I view it.

Because, spoiler alert, Jeremiah is back and I am cannot wait to see more proto-Joker mayhem.

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