Graphic Novel Review- ‘The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman’

Written and drawn by Liam Sharp with coloring from Romula Fajardo, Jr., The Brave And The Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman takes DC Comics into the world of Celtic fairy tales where only the princess of the Amazons and the World’s Greatest Detective can go.

In the realm of Tir Na Nog, Cernunnos asks Wonder Woman to come with him to broker a peace between the factions that live in the world that exists in a separate dimension. However, when they arrive, they find the beloved King Elatha dead, causing tensions to rise even more. Meanwhile, Gotham City’s Irish Quarter, the people are walking around in a bizarre lethargical state. Batman investigates, but almost gets pulled into the spell himself. After escaping, Wonder Woman arrives and asks for his help in the investigation of the king’s death. Sensing a connection, the Caped Crusader agrees, taking the two Justice League members on a journey through legends.

This is a fascinating tale that takes a deep dive into Celtic mythology. It is a refreshing break from the Greek and Roman myths that usually permeate the DC Comics canon and I enjoyed it a great deal. I will say, it had a ton of dialogue that needed to be sifted through to determine where the plot was going.

I also appreciated the artwork a great deal. It was beautifully rendered with fantastic character designs and an obvious appreciation for the mythology it was mixing with the tales from Batman and Wonder Woman.

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7 thoughts on “Graphic Novel Review- ‘The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman’

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