My Top 10 Directors For ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel

Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson has parted ways with Disney and Marvel Studios citing “creative differences” over the direction of the film’s sequel “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” which he will still executive produce. While I am disappointed, considering how well the first film was made, I hope the MCU will locate a decent director for the Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme. In no particular order, here are my My Top 10 Directors For ‘Doctor Strange’ Sequel:

Christopher Nolan– He is a master of time and space when it comes to cinema. He could explore the mystic realms and allow Dr. Strange to fully develop as an Avenger. It’s true he was once with DC Entertainment, but if J.J. Abrams can jump from Star Trek to Star Wars, why not Nolan?

Jon Favreau– While I would hate for him to be distracted from his Star Wars duties, I would love to see him return to direct a Marvel Studios feature. He has a way of portraying narcissists on the screen.

Vicky Jewson– I believe she could craft a suspenseful, action-packed sequel. While we have not seen her develop a movie with a huge amount of special effects that are required for a Marvel film, I think she could craft an interesting feature.

Guy Ritchie- He brought Robert Downey Jr. in as the masterful detective Sherlock Holmes, so why not continue the story of Dr. Strange.

F. Gary Gray- His films involve a lot of character development that would be perfect to flesh out a new villain and take the original characters to new heights.

James Wan– Marvel has said that they wanted a Dr. Strange sequel to be more on the scary side. Who better to bring out an action film with a lot of “jump scares” better than him?

Christopher McQuarrie– He brings lots of intrigue to his films. His experience with espionage and action could bring about a Dr. Stange film that has a plot that could go global.

Gavin Hood– With X-Men now at home with Marvel, perhaps we could bring him over to do a sequel into the multiverse of madness.

Mike Newell- He’s taken on sequels in the Harry Potter franchise and gave us a known classic in Donnie Brasco. He could direct Benedict Cumberbatch in a follow-up.

Robert Rodriguez– From mysteries to dramas to science fiction to epic kids spy thrillers, Rodriguez has a long history in crafting movies and he would do a good job with Dr. Strange.

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