‘A Fall From Grace’ Review- Tyler Perry’s Dark Tale

Written and directed by Tyler Perry, A Fall From Grace, is a deviation from his comedic films and is a brutal, dark piece of cinema that was released onto Netflix.

Public defender Jasmine (Bresha Webb) is assigned the case of a woman named Grace (Crystal Fox), who is accused of murdering her husband Shannon (Mehcad Brooks). Her boss Rory (Tyler Perry) wants her to plead out the case since the defendant wants to plead guilty of the crime. However, after Jasmine speaks with Grace, she learns that Shannon seduced the much-older woman into marrying him and then stole all of her money, even framing her for stealing from the bank she works at. Frustrated, she expresses her concern with her neighborhood friend Sarah (Phylicia Rashad), who tells her to confront Shannon. When she does, he laughs at her, which leads to her grabbing a baseball bat and taking it to his head. As Jasmine investigates the crime, she discovers that perhaps there is more than meets the eyes.

Tyler Perry has had mixed results with thrillers, but I will say, I did enjoy this one. It contained plenty of scares, frightening turns, and courtroom drama to keep you enthralled in the plot. One thing is for sure, he does not cave to gimmicks with this story and instead uses Jasmine and Grace’s character development to propel the movie forward. It definitely helped connect to their characters. I will say, it does have a low-budget feel to it, but that does not diminish the story in any way.

As for the performances, both Bresha Webb and Crystal Fox are excellent. They have good chemistry as the rookie public defender and the client who are trying to figure out the ends and outs of the case. Mehcad Brooks was also standout as the deceptive and manipulative boyfriend who slowly makes his way into the life of his target to steal what is rightfully hers. Perry, himself, has a small role as the head of the public defenders’ office and he takes on a mentor role that is a far cry from his usual roles.

Bottom line, A Fall From Grace is a twisty, dark tale that is also cautionary. It is entertaining from beginning to end and has dynamite performances from its cast that will pull you into the film.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Sexual content, Brief bloody violence, Thematic elements, Strong foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: It’s your job to make it fair.

Check out the trailer below:

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