‘Venom’ Sequel Plot Details Allegedly Leaked

No movie has confounded critics more than the SONY film Venom, a spin-off adaption of the Spider-Man antagonist. While reviews savaged it, it made a massive profit at the box office and now a sequel is in development in London with Black Panther actor Andy Serkis directing the feature. Recently, some plot details have been alleged to have leaked to HNEntertainment. Now, a few of these leaks may seem like spoilers, so here is your warning and the rundown.

Woody Harrelson returns as Cletus Cassidy, whom nerds and geeks know is the public identity of Carnage, a man psychopathic man possessed by Venom’s spawned symbiote. Though scheduled for execution, Cletus escapes with Frances Louise Barrison aka Shriek, to be played by Naomie Harris, whom he meets while imprisoned at a prison for the criminally insane called Ravencroft. Eddie Brock, once again played by Tom Hardy, exposes more victims of Cletus while investigating the burning down of St. Estes Home For Boys orphanage, which he connects to Cassidy. This makes him a target for the serial killer. At some point, it is rumored Tom Holland will cameo as Peter Parker in the film.

It is unclear whether Shriek or Cassidy will be possessed by a symbiote when they escape or if Shriek will have her mutant powers (SONY does not have film rights to the X-Men.) However, her powers could come as a result of exposure to the symbiote or combine her with the symbiote Scream, who has similar abilities.

Of course, these are all rumors and while I think these leaks definitely have credence, they are still just rumors. Judging from them, it seems that SONY is trying to adapt the ‘Maximum Carnage’ story-arc from Marvel Comics, but that will be difficult without Spider-Man or his amazing friends to assist in bringing Carnage to his knees.

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