Pastor Warns Of Progressive Politics In Church

StockSnap from Pixabay

Religious conservatives have often warned about Leftism and Progressive ideology leaking into the Church, replacing the Gospel with the virtues of SJWS. Bethel Church Pastor and author Kris Vallotton discussed this on his blog.

“Are you ‘row, row, rowing your boat’ gently down a political stream called progressivism? Sociopolitical agendas promoted under the misnomer of “progressivism” are unsettling to me. Schemes like Planned Parenthood filling our schools with porn disguised as curriculum or efforts made by a school district with its local government seeking to allow children to undergo gender reassignment surgery without parental consent are full-blown crazy,” Vallotton writes. “Think about it. Embracing immorality isn’t ‘progressive,’ it’s regressive.”

He adds that it is “intellectually dishonest” to call “culturally destructive agendas.” He goes on to say that true progressivism is leading people to Christ and not “immoral pursuits.”

Kris advises that Christians should not address politics through a “political spirit,” but turn to God and aim for bringing in His blessing for the political arena.

“Practice political conversation apart from the influence of the political spirit,” he writes. “And, more importantly, take time to allow the Holy Spirit to imprint upon your heart His desires to bring health and wholeness to our government and political leaders.”

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Full disclosure, I attended Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California where Pastor Kris Vallotton serves on staff and attended many of his lectures.

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