Why Does Michael Haley Need To Apologize?


This is the kind of story that drives me nuts!

Conservative Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) is one of the best governors in the United States right now. According to FoxNews, she has faced ethics charges not once, but twice, and has been cleared of both accounts. It is a typical left-wing attack: when you can’t get it right on the facts, ATTACK!

Now, they have a new target: Governor Haley’s husband, Michael Haley, who is an officer in South Carolina National Guard. So, not only is he the faithful husband of one of America’s greatest governor’s (and possible GOP Vice Presidential candidate for Republican presumptive nominee Mitt Romney), but he’s also an American hero. As an American, he has the right to his opinion. When the South Carolina Senate failed to pass a bill by his wife, (a bill that restructures parts of the state government), he wrote this on his Facebook: “It amazes me that in a week that we have heroes who have died fighting for our freedoms, we have cowards who are afraid to take a vote in the senate.”

Sadly, three state soldiers died in an attack about an hour before. Now, notice he called the soldiers “heroes” and the senators who failed to act “cowards.” Yet somehow, he was supposed to apologize for that? The Left cried foul because he rightfully called them cowards. This makes no sense to me. He did not call the brave soldiers cowards, nor did he make fun of them in any way. He called it like it was. Our soldiers are heroes and our politicians are cowards. Plain and simple.

Yet, the Left went into a frenzy. Here are some quotes from a Liberal politician and even one from a moderate Republican in the state:

State Senator Jake Knotts (R-Lexington): “I’m concerned when a person uses his uniform or position in the military for political purposes,” He said the Facebook post was “an insult to the families and to the Senate as a whole.”

State Senator Phil Leventis (D-Lexington): “I found it difficult that Mr. Haley implied that he knew what those three wanted. They died as Americans. They didn’t die as Republicans or Democrats.”

Wait a minute, many soldiers have died to keep our country free. Michael Haley did not say whether they were an elephant or a jackass. He just said that they were heroes defending our country, and the politicians are cowards for not wanting to fix what is wrong with this country. These two politicians, who have an agenda against Gov. Haley, are simply trying to get political points for their base and challenge a female governor who has done an amazing job in her state.

Read more on FoxNews.com- http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/06/29/haley-cleared-ethics-charges-still-faces-questions-over-husband-facebook-post/

PS: Hmm, did I imply or infer sexism? Oops… Oh, well, the Left does it all the time.

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