Movie Review- 10,000 BC

10,000 BC

This is an adventure story based over 10,000 BC. It is very ahistorical and lacks historic authenticity. That being said, this is a very interesting film directed by Roland Emmerich. 

In ancient times, a tribe of mammoth hunters called the Yagahl know that their time is running out. The mammoths are appearing less and less. After they find an orphaned girl named Evelot, their village mother prophesies that four legged demons will appear and that will signal the last hunt. One hunter does not belief this prophecy and leaves, wanting to find a better future for his people. 

Years later, the lost hunter’s son D’Leh wins a hunting match by accident and wins the White Spear, an honored token of their tribe and the hand of his love Evelot in marriage. Before he can confess that he won by accident, a band of ravagers comes and kidnaps many of the Yagahl, including Evelot. 

D’Leh decides to chase them with the help of his mentor Tic’Tic. What follows is a journey to the very corners of the Earth and a battle for freedom. 

The movie was good, but not great. It takes material from other films such as the John Wayne film The Searchers, but for all of its faults, it is an enjoyable film that shows a realistic approach to hunter-gatherers and their tribes. 

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  • Steven Strait as D’Leh, a mammoth hunter
  • Camilla Belle as Evolet, D’Leh’s love interest and the only survivor of a tribe
  • Cliff Curtis as Tic’Tic, D’Leh’s mentor and friend
  • Joel Virgel as Nakudu, leader of the Naku tribe
  • Affif Ben Badra as Warlord, leader of the “Four Legged Demons”
  • Mo Zinal as Ka’Ren
  • Nathanael Baring as Baku
  • Marco Khan as One-Eye, Warlord’s main henchman.
  • Mona Hammond as Old Mother, the Yagahl wise old woman
  • Joel Fry as Lu’Kibu
  • Reece Ritchie as Moha
  • Piers Stubbs as Young Moha
  • Junior Oliphant as Tudu, Nakudu’s son
  • Kristian Beazley as D’Leh’s father, who had lived with the Naku tribe and learned agriculture from them
  • Boubacar Badaine as Quina, leader of another tribe
  • Tim Barlow as The Almighty
  • Omar Sharif as Narrator

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