Rant: Double Standards


Now, I for sure don’t want to get off on a rant here,

but I’m sick and tired of the double standards that the liberals hold Conservatives to on a daily basis. I may be beating a dead horse, but it seems this non-existent Chick-fil-A controversy is just the latest in a string of hypocritical accusations that have flown in the face of Conservatives, especially the last 20 years.

When Conservatives attacked the New Black Panther Party for their voter intimidation tactics, the Left cried racist. However, when Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was attacked with unsubstantiated accusations of character flaws during his vetting, it was: “Oh, we’re attacking his merits.” Too old for you, try entrepreneur Herman Cain. When Jon Stewart did an Amos & Andy impersonation of Mr. Cain’s voice. The Left said, “Oh, that’s not racist. He’s just a comedian.” Yeah, a racist comedian.

When a group of gay men attacked an old woman carrying a cross at a Prop 8 protest, it was, “There’s a lot of hate on both sides.” Whenever the CEO of a major corporation states his view on marriage, without attacking the other side, it’s: “Oh, he’s a homophobic and we should ban his company from our cities!”

The Left disguises their racist, bigoted, and class-warfare dialogue under the guise of comedy, reporting, or freedom of speech. The Right should be granted that same privilege especially when the Left trumps up controversy where there is none.

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