My Top 10 Republican Vice Presidential Picks For Mitt Romney

If I were in Mitt Romney’s shoes, these ten would be on my shortlist for the running mate of the 2012 United States presidential election. Some of these candidates you will see floating in the lamestream media and others you will be surprised they are on the list. You will probably be more surprised on who is NOT on the list. For instance, my list does not include Florida Senator Marco Rubio (he’s too new), Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (she’s pro-choice), New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (we still don’t know a lot about him) or Donald Trump (you’re kidding me, right?). I’m not an expert in these matters, but I hope you will enjoy this.

I made my list based on this criteria: A. Seniority (sometimes a negative) B. Experience C. Courage D. Scandals E. Their Values.

10. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell- He’s pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, and comes  from a state that Barack Obama took in 2008. He beat the same Democratic opponent twice, once while running for Attorney General, and then a re-match running for governor. He would be ideal, but the con would be very few people have heard of him.

9. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker- He’s a hero of the Right and champion of worker’s everywhere, this is Scott Walker. He would bring in independents who value right-to-work laws. He is the only governor to survive a highly contested recall election. The Con, his nomination would rally a disenchanted union block back to President Obama.

8. Retired General and current CIA Director David Petreaus- His war record is unbeatable. His history with both the Bush and Obama administration give him a bi-partisan appeal. He can tout his experience as a member of the military and the intelligence community. He would unite veterans and soldiers abroad for the GOP. Con: Military personnel don’t always make good candidates for the campaign, espousing hawkish ideals. This is not a criticism merely a comment that many people do not enjoy that.

7. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer- If there was anyone who is seen as a hero of the right, especially on Border and National Security issues, there is none like her. She would unite conservatives, women, and Tea Partiers behind the ticket. Con: The sexism of the Left would be unrelenting like they were against Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, also, the DNC could take advantage of the Hispanic citizens by painting a false image of a monster.

6. Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele- Yes, he is on my list. He got an unfair deal from the Right. While they were busy attacking him, they should have been attacking President Obama. I think Michael Steele is an honorable man who has real American values. He would attract African-American voters and would bring a cool head to the campaign. Con: For some reason, the Right back-stabbed him. Would they betray him again?

5. Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan- He would unite the Right behind the ticket for calling for more fiscal responsibility. He has stood against Obamacare, abortion, and reckless spending. As a member of the GOP’s “Young Guns” he would bring in younger voters who wish for greater responsibility. Cons: His age could be a weakness. The lamestream media would level all kinds of attacks against him.

4. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal- He’s a rising star of the Republican Party. He has a great track record, showed leadership during Hurricane Gustav, and tried to help the clean-up of the BP Oil Spill (he was prevented by President Obama, who hates to share the limelight). Con: His lack luster GOP response to the President Obama’s 2009 State of the Union address made him seem stiff and boring. That would not help Romney who already has that reputation.

3. Former Oklahoma Representative JC Watts- Here is a man that has the highest honor. He has held true to his Conservative beliefs and has withstood attacks from the racist Left. He is loved the Right and they would welcome him in with open arms. Con: He has been out of the starlight for some time. He may no longer be recognizable to some.


2. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley- She has withstood racism, sexism, and false allegations of her conduct in the lamestream media, within the DNC, and even within her own party, but she has stood tall. She is a champion of Real American values. She is a true leader and looks great on television. She would unite the GOP behind Romney and maybe pull in some women and independent votes. Cons:  The  sexism of the Left would come at her full force.


1. Texas Representative Ron Paul- Oh, yes I did. He is the Tea Party, Gun Rights, Property Rights, Independent Rights, American Sovereignty, Pro-Life, Small Government, and everything in between champion.  He would unite every category of Republican behind the ticket. His talk of the common American could unite even the biggest critic. He attracts young voters and Libertarians. He is Ron Paul. Cons: A few PACs that were trying to help him released racial pamphlets. Also, he’s not a very good debater. He can be groomed though.

This list may surprise many of my fellow Republicans and Conservatives, but oh well, we need someone out of the ordinary who can unite the GOP.

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