Movie Review Flashback: Superman/Batman Apocalypse

01 Movie Review

Bruce Timm returns to produce the sequel to the action packed “Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.” This one is an adaption of the “Supergirl” storyline in the series for which the movie is named.

After Batman (Kevin Conroy) destroys the Kryptonite meteorite that threatened the earth, a mysterious shuttlecraft crashes to earth. Inside, contains a mysterious young teenager who is none other than Kara Zor-El (Summer Glau), Superman’s cousin. Superman (Tim Daly) tries to integrate her into Metropolis society, but Batman is suspicious of her. He believes Superman is being naïve in trusting her too quickly. After one of Wonder Woman’s (Susan Eisenberg) amazons sees a vision about Kara’s death, they forcibly take her to AmazonIsland, where the Amazons train her to control her powers, but keeping the vision of her death a secret.

However, on the husk of a planet Apocalypse, Darkseid (Andre Braugher), one of the most evil characters in the DC Universe, has heard of Kara, and he wants her to lead his honor guard, knowing she could rival the power of the Man of Steel.

He kidnaps her, so Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and a new ally Barda (Julianne Grossman), journey to Apocalypse to rescue Kara, before Darkseid can corrupt her with the machinations of Granny Goodness (Edward Asner).

I will also say despite Superman being a main character, Batman truly shines as a great hero. He openly challenges Darkseid, despite being weaker than villain. His courage even brings out admiration in Darkseid.

I would recommend this film for those who enjoy DC Universe films. While not a fantastic film because of the strange art style, it is a truly great comic book adaption that will have you cheering for Superman and Batman because this time they are not saving the world, they are saving someone they care about.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: This movie is probably one of the most violent DC Universe films I have seen. While not the most violent or bloody of the animated films, there are several battle scenes that include blood, stabbing, punching, and so on. There are a few cuss words, but not that many. At the beginning of the movie, Kara appears to have no clothes on, but she is well shaded and gets a big coat. There is also several scantily clad women in the movie. Parents be warned, this is not a kids superhero cartoon. This movie is based on a comic book series that is for adults. Please observe the PG-13 rating.

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