Remembering Sept. 11th, 2001


As two home educated kids, our life seemed so normal, until that dreaded day in the United States of America’s history.

My sister best described the feelings we had:

I was doing my schoolwork patiently waiting for my nana to get to our house. Dad was at work… Just before nana arrived someone called my mom and told her to turn on the TV. She watched in horror and my brother and I came into the living room to see what was worrying her. Nana got to our house (she had driven 4 hours to get there) and Mom told her what was happening and she decided she needed to go back home. I will never forget being so upset she couldn’t stay. Then Mom had to explain to me what was going on because I didn’t understand. God bless America and the victims of 9-11. 

We will never forget! I searched for the best tribute on youtube I could find and finally found this one:

Whether you like President George W. Bush or not, his 9/11 speech brought us together. On 9/12, the United States of America was united. There was no race, class, bigotry, etc. We were all Americans. I hope that future Presidents can unite us like he did:

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