This is my top 100 list. I found all other lists to be biases, unfinished, organized wrong, or just plain awful. While I was impressed with some, there were MANY on the lists I thought did not deserve a place on any list or were misplaced. And why was Superman number 1 on IGN? Several of the choices on these lists were not even SUPERHEROES. They were just characters that happened to do something heroic every now and then. So, I’m bringing you my own top 100 comic book superhero list with REAL comic book heroes from a REAL comic book fan.

#91- Sonic X:

Okay, so this is just Archie’s adaption of the 4KIDS TV show Sonic X. While I’ll always be partial to the original Sonic the Hedgehog, this version is still pretty cool because it brings Sonic into our world and has him interacting with people like us. It was pretty cool, and the comic book was better than the show. Sadly, when the show faded, so did the interest in the comic book series.

#92- Black Widow:

Marvel’s super she-spy Natalia Romanov has made appearance outside of the continuity, including film and television. She has no super powers to speak of, but she wears these gauntlets that allow her to shoot out a ‘widow’s bite’ that can electrocute her enemies. Despite the fact she has no super powers, she’s still super cool and is very resourceful when it comes to crime fighting and espionage.

#93- Green Arrow:

If you know me, you know I am a Conservative, and DC’s Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is a liberal. So what? He’s still an awesome comic book character. While he does not have the mentoring skills that Batman or Superman does, his trick arrows are outmatched. He can fight with the rest of them and hold his own. My only dislike of him is how he treated Black Canary. She’s an awesome character and he backstabbed her when they were married. Aargh! Anyway, Green Arrow is great as a Justice Leaguer or as a member of the old school Seven Soldiers of Victory.

 #94- Aang:

I loved the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender and was delighted when Dark Horse Comics released a mini-series, later a graphic novel, titled Avatar: The Last Airbender- The Lost Adventures. Each issue takes place at a certain season or “book” of the series. It does a good job of keeping the original humor and action of the show. I am pleased to discover that Dark Horse is creating an ongoing series called Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise which will take place after the show. Awesome!!!

#95- Henry “Hank” Pym:

Even though he’s an unstable personality, he’s still a scientific genius. He has been many heroes Ant-Man, Giant Man, Goliath, Yellowjacket, and now Wasp, in memory of his beloved Janet. Recently, he has founded the AvengersAcademy to help young super heroes control their powers and prepare them for their life as possible Avengers.

#96- Deadman:

DC’s Boston Brand is well, dead. Yep, he’s pretty much…dead. However, he’s also a ghost. He’s one of the few characters in DC that has stayed dead despite coming back. His character is great because he appears every now and then to give sage advice to the heroes or to take over their bodies for a special assignment. Yeah, that’s pretty awesome!

#97- Katara

From the beloved show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Katara starred, along with the rest of the cast, in Dark Horse Comic’s Avatar: The Last Airbender- The Lost Adventures. Like in the show, she is her usual source of a common sense for the characters in the series, along with her ever growing powers of waterbending.

#98- Chun-Li:

UDON’s comic book adaption of the popular Street Fighter video game expands on Chun Li’s history as an Interpol agent, seeking to bring down the nefarious Shadowlaw (or Shadowloo) criminal organization. She’s a kick butt action chick who can bring down any warrior with her special “kikiouken!”

#99- Moon Knight:

This Marvel character created by Doug Moench and Doug Perlin is nothing spectacular. His powers are not impressive and his storyline faulty, but the sheer uniqueness of this character earned Mac Spector aka Moon Knight a spot on this list. He is mysterious, a loner, and he wanders about. Recently, Marvel revamped the character to make him appear more like Iron Man without the technology. We will wait and see what this will bring to the table.

#100- Gangbuster:

Jose Delgado aka Gangbuster is little known in the comic book world. He made appearances in early Superman stories and in Black Lightning, but seemingly disappeared until he returned in the ongoing Trinity title. He is nothing remarkable, but his willingness to serve is impressive. He lacks superpowers and even the arsenal of Batman, but he always keeps coming back.

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