Small Town Faith- Kountze KidsFaith

It all started out innocent enough. A group of cheerleaders from the small Kountze Independent School District in Southeast Texas decided one day to make a sign for their football team. Instead of painting “Go, Team, Go,” they painted a scripture verse. The football team loved it and so did the fans. This was followed by more signs and more signs. Other school districts soon joined in the innocent expression of religious liberty and encouragement.

However, Mr. Grinch, Mr. Scrooge, Chairman Mao, Stalin, or whatever you want to call them was watching. A Wisconsin based anti-Christian and anti-religious liberties organization , Freedom From Religion Foundation (which is known for its left-wing bigotry) threatened to sue. What else is new? It’s sad when some out-of-state bully can attack another state’s small towns. Instead of supporting the students, football team, parents, and the WHOLE town, KISD officials caved  and ordered the signs to stop. Even their so-called attorney, Tanner Hunt who is suppose to be fighting for them told them to “cease and desist” citing a 2001 Supreme Court decision banning prayer before games. However, the bullying did not work.

The small town lit up with signs as Christians gallantly and heroically expressed their faith. For three straight weeks, this battle has been going on. The Liberty Institute, an organization known for protecting First Amendment Rights, which is actually FROM Texas, has supported their cause.

“It’s an important and fundamental freedom students have to engage in free speech,” said Mike Johnson, senior counsel for the institute. “They are not asking anyone to believe in Christianity or accept the faith. They are just well wishes.”

The cheerleaders won a victory on Thursday when Texas State Judge (howabout that, someone from Texas), told them they could continue to use the signs at least until the temporary junction hearing on October 4th. This was thanks in part to attorney David Starnes, who filed on behalf of the cheerleaders. The signs “ weren’t made on school time, weren’t made using school funds and were done without any involvement of the school administration,” Starnes told KFDM in Beaumont, a local news outlet.

It will be an uphill battle. They are receiving accusations with some people saying they used school equipment for the banners (lie), forcing religion on others (lie), and that they are encouraging Christians in other communities to do the same (truth, and yay).

The picture above is a decal you can purchase to support the cheerleaders, their family, fellow students, and their community. We should get behind them and support their cause! With pastors challenging IRS rules, President Barack Hussein Obama trying to force Catholics to do things against their faith, the lamestream media attacking Christians, and so much more, we should stand by them and unite as Christians.

AND yes, I’m a Texan. The name of the blog fool you?

One thought on “Small Town Faith- Kountze KidsFaith

  1. That’s what needs to happen to stand up for what they believe…You go Texas cheerleaders..It’s time to stop these Anti-Christian organizations…When you think about it, these anti-christian organizations have more rights than anyone!

    Thanks for sharing…Really enjoyed reading this…many, many blessings to you..Robin

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