Top 100 Comic Book Heroes 70-61

This is my top 100 list. I found all other lists to be biases, unfinished, organized wrong or just plain awful. While I was impressed with some, there were MANY on the lists I thought did not deserve a place on any list or were misplaced. And why was Superman number 1 on IGN? Several of the choices on these lists were not even SUPERHEROES. They were just characters that happened to do something heroic every now and then. So, I’m bringing you my own top 100 comic book superhero list with REAL comic book heroes from a REAL comic book fan.

So continuing on…

#61 Master Splinter-

From the pages of Mirage Studios, DW Comics, and now IDW Comics comes the master that has trained the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is a hero in his own right and can still kick any evil ninja’s butt (or anyone’s for that matter).

#62 Wonder Girl-

Oh, yeah, don’t call DC’s New 52 Cassie Sandsmark “Wonder Girl.” She’ll kick your butt. Anyway, she deserves a place of this list because she rocks!

#63 Snake Eyes-

From the pages of Devil’s Due came the best version of the super-spy ninja ever! Snake-Eyes has no equal and he’s the only thing cool in GI Joe: Rise of Cobra (nothing else is PERIOD). He has raised sidekicks and protégé’s and he downright kicks butt!

#64 Angel-

Warren Worthington III is a founding member of the X-Men. He has been clipped, brainwashed, depowered, and emotionally unstable, but he is an X-Man. He has since gone through a complete psychological regeneration from rich boy to candid and blunt, but at least he can still fly.

#65 Ryu-

Hadouken! The character that practically founded the Street Fighter franchise rocks! From the pages of UDON, comes a quest for a journey to avenge the death of his master by the hands of Akuma, master of the Dark Hadou.

#66 Hawkman & Hawkwoman (or Hawkgirl)-

The DC Comics characters have always been better together. Despite a myriad of confusing origins, the ones were Katar Hol and Sheira Thal are together made the best and most perfect sense. They are savage and deadly, but still as awesome as awesome can be.

#67 Duke-

The leader of the GI Joes was an awesome character! Like Scarlett, he has been portrayed many times, but again, I’m remembering the Devil’s Due Publications. Duke is a fearless and tough leader, who has no problem getting his hands dirty. He is a REAL American hero.

#68 She-Hulk-

She’s a skilled lawyer, an Avenger, cousin to Hulk, and a good-looking chick, Marvel’s premier super heroine is pretty awesome! She packs a punch, a wallop, and everything in between, whether fighting crime or just being tough.

#69 Scott Pilgrim-

Published by Oni Press and later made into an awesome movie, Scott Pilgrim is a rock n’ roll bass player who has a problem: his girlfriend has seven evil exes, and they all want to kill him. From rock stars to toy makers, Scott Pilgrim knows battles like he does bands. He’s one kick-butt action hero!

#70 Batwoman (Kathy Kane)-

I’m talking about the pre-crisis DC Batwoman. Not the politically correct one created before the first 52 storyline. I mean THE real Kathy Kane or “Katy.” Kathy was also Bruce Wayne’s first true love. She was erased from history in the post-crisis fandom, but brought back through Grant Morrison’s ingenious redefinition of Batman’s history.

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