Top 100 Comic Book Heroes 50-41

This is my top 100 list. I found all other lists to be biased, unfinished, organized wrong or just plain awful. While I was impressed with some, there were MANY on the lists I thought did not deserve a place on any list or were misplaced. And why was Superman number 1 on IGN? Several of the choices on these lists were not even SUPERHEROES. They were just characters that happened to do something heroic every now and then. So, I’m bringing you my own top 100 comic book superhero list with REAL comic book heroes from a REAL comic book fan.

So continuing on…

#41 Wally West, Flash

He was always the best Flash, but DC, making an incredibly stupid decision, has erased him from reality itself in the New 52. He was the Flash that made everyone laugh. Even if they wanted to make Barry Allen Flash, they could’ve make Wally an adult Impulse or Max Mercury, or heck, even a Green Lantern, but no, they just have him disappear. Not cool man.


#42 Vision-

He was original created to be an adversary to Marvel’s Avengers, but quickly became a powerful ally and friend. He had a brief marriage to Wanda Maximoff aka Scarlett Witch, but now is robotic member of the current Avengers. Though he was destroyed, Tony Stark rebuilt him prior to the Fear Itself storyline.


#43 Static Shock-

Originally a Milestone Comics character, but now a DC character, Virgil Hawkins is a powerful teen hero that can control electricity and electromagnetism. He has a special disk that allows him to fly and is currently an intern at STAR Labs in New York City.

#44 Wolverine-

Marvel’s Wolverine is arguably the most popular X-Man. I think I could be right because he’s the only one with a solo movie. He is savage, but knowledgeable. He has been a member of the X-Men and an Avenger. No one can match his ferocity.

#45 Barry Allen, Flash-

He was the Flash that everyone came to know and love. He was the first of DC’s speedsters to access the Speed Force, which gives him unlimited speed compared to Superman and even Captain Marvel. At times, he has even gone through time itself. It is because we got the New 52, through the Flashpoint storyline.


#46 Black Panther-

The African king of Wakanda, and master of the spirit of the panther, Marvel’s T’Challa is one of the greatest comic book heroes created. He is also the very first recorded black superhero, even outdating Luke Cage and DC’s Black Lightning.


#47 Zatanna-

DC’s mistress of magic is one of the all-time greats. She is a magical prodigy, both her parents were hero magicians. She is friends with Batman, a member of the Justice League, and now Justice League Dark. She has saved her friends through many tough decisions and is just all around awesome!


#48 Colossus-

I like the mainstream Colossus, not the politically correct, dumb Ultimate version. I have no problem with gay characters, but make original ones.  Colossus is another one of many Marvel characters to come back from the dead. He has had romances with Kitty Pryde and with Rogue. He is super strong and has a hide of steal.


#49 John Stewart, Green Lantern-

For awhile, he was a substitute Green Lantern for when DC’s Hal Jordan was incapacitated or out of reach, but he quickly became a GL in his own right. He was the predominant GL in the hit series Justice League Unlimited and has since become one of the main GLs of Earth.


#50 Optimus Prime-

While Marvel comics had him killed off one too many times, DreamWave and now IDW does a great job of portraying an aged Optimus Prime that values the life of all sentient beings. He is Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobots, the most recognizable character in all the Transformers Universe.

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