Movie Review- Dredd

If you’re the kind of guy who likes tons of gunfire and explosions, doesn’t mind gore, and likes kick butt chicks, than Dredd is the movie for you.

Dredd stars Karl Urban as the titular 2000 AD Comic Book cop. I did not see the original Judge Dredd film with Silvester Stallone so I cannot compare, but I am a fan of the comic series, and I believe this film held true to the source material.

In a world where most of the East Coast is combined into a giant Mega City-One, over population has caused rampant crime. The only ones who are standing in the way of a complete criminal take over is a group of law enforcement agents called Judges, who are judge, jury, and often executioner. Dredd (Karl Urban). is the toughest of them all. Today, he is assigned to evaluate a rookie named Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby, Juno). They go to investigate a murder in the Peach Trees block building, but soon, they are trapped there by a vicious druglord named Ma-Ma (Lena Headey, TV’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) who is seeking to control the production and distribution of the drug slow-mo. What follows is a thrill ride of deadly vengeance and punishment.

The film is action packed and has a good plot, but not much else. It is mainly a shoot ‘em up film from the future and had a Western wannabe feel to it, but I will not deny that I kind of enjoyed it. It is definitely not a date OR kid’s film, but it is a great flick to enjoy in the vain of old fashioned B-Movies.


PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong language throughout, violence including blood/gore, drug content, and sexual innuendo

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One thought on “Movie Review- Dredd

  1. I have wanted to see Dredd 3D for sometime now, but was unsure if it would be worth the money to see it in theaters, and to pay 3D prices. My co-worker at DISH watched this movie and said it was similar to Raid: The Redemption, but it had more of a storyline. I’m going to save my money and wait until this movie is released on DVD. I have a Blockbuster @home account; they have fast shipping and when I’m done I can return it to the store for another movie in my queue instead of waiting for it in the mail. I may check out Dredd first and if it is not any good I will return if for Raid: The Redemption.

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