Top 100 Comic Book Heroes 40-31

This is my top 100 list. I found all other lists to be biased, unfinished, organized wrong or just plain awful. While I was impressed with some, there were MANY on the lists I thought did not deserve a place on any list or were misplaced. And why was Superman number 1 on IGN? Several of the choices on these lists were not even SUPERHEROES. They were just characters that happened to do something heroic every now and then. So, I’m bringing you my own top 100 comic book superhero list with REAL comic book heroes from a REAL comic book fan.

So continuing on…

#31 Ted Grant, Wildcat

One of DC’s founding members of the Justice Society, and a trainer to many vigilantes including Batman and Black Canary, he is an All Star who has been around for a long time. Though one of his predecessors takes over every now and then, his nine lives keep allowing him to come back.

#32 Black Lightning-

He is DC’s protector of Metropolis’ Suicide Slum and one of their greatest characters. He is DC’s first African-American headlining heroes. His electrical powers have been duplicated through other black heroes such as Soul Power and Static Shock, but he is the original. He was the foundation for the character Black Vulcan of the Super Friends.


#33 Julia Carpenter, Spider Woman-

Marvel’s second heroine known as Spider Woman worked for Tony Stark’s Avenger replacement group Force Works. Her career as Spider Woman ended when Jessica Drew returned, but now Julia operates as the second Madame Web. Sometimes, I think Marvel gets delirious.


#34 Vigilante-

The original Greg Saunders was the first Detective Comics hero to appear in film. He has several successors, but he is the original. Dressed in a mask, cowboy attire, and armed with a six shooter, he delivers justice in a powerful way. Before being killed off, he was a recurring support character for many years.

#35 Storm-

Marvel’s Ororo Munroe has claustrophobia. Despite that being her main weakness, she is one of the most powerful X-Men. She can control weather and has an amazing storyline that has captured X-Men fans’ attention for decades.


#36 Donna Troy

The first super heroine to be called Wonder Girl, she soon grew up and became a superhero in her own right. She joined the updated New Titans, which starred the cast of the original Teen Titans. She, like many second generation heroes, have not yet appeared in the DC’s New 52. She had better!

#37 Beta Ray Bill-

Usually a Marvel side character and often an ally of Thor, Beta Ray Bill proved worthy to lift Thor’s Mjonir and was given his own hammer. He goes through the galaxy in the Skuttlebutt and recently joined the Annihilators, a group that replaced the Guardians of the Galaxy.

#38 Bunker-

He is a DC Hispanic character appearing in the New 52 Teen Titans. He can project force fields and has an amazingly cool attitude. He comes off a lot like the kid brother of the team, offering advice in a fun way.


#39 Nightcrawler-

He’s one of the few Catholic characters in the comic books that are not afraid to speak his faith. He’s Marvel’s swashbuckling hero named Kurt Wagner. He’s been a member of the X-Men and the Excalibur. He can teleport and has athletic abilities that rival Spider-Man. He is one of the greats!

#40 Princess Sally Acorn-

Appearing in the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comic books, she is the leader of the Freedom Fighters in the beginning, and now she works as the AcornKingdom’s heir to the throne. She has been through thick and thin battling the evil Dr. Robotnik, and has become Sonic the Hedgehog’s main squeeze.

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