Top 100 Comic Book Heroes 30-21

This is my top 100 list. I found all other lists to be biases, unfinished, organized wrong or just plain awful. While I was impressed with some, there were MANY on the lists I thought did not deserve a place on any list or were misplaced. And why was Superman number 1 on IGN? Several of the choices on these lists were not even SUPERHEROES. They were just characters that happened to do something heroic every now and then. So, I’m bringing you my own top 100 comic book superhero list with REAL comic book heroes from a REAL comic book fan.

So continuing on…

 #21 Hal Jordan, Green Lantern-

He was chosen by the ring to replace Abin Sur as Earth’s sector protector. After his first death, he replaced Jim Corrigan as The Spectre, but returned as one of two Earth GLs after Kyle Rainer restored the Corp. He is one of DC’s flagship characters. While many human GLs have tried to replace him, none have come close.

#22 Azrael-

DC’s JeanPaulValley took on the role of Batman after the Knightfall incident, but he soon became unstable and paranoid, however, he returned to the role of Azrael to become an Agent of the Bat. Though DC stupidly killed him off and replaced him with a dumb character, I’m hoping he’ll be back for the New 52.

#23 Captain Atom-

After an accident around an alien ship, DC’s Air Force Captain Nathaniel Adams became powered with nuclear energy. He can also control other types of radiation. He’s super strong and has super speed. He is an American hero and a great Justice Leaguer.

#24 Spider-Girl-

Part of Marvel’s MC2 Universe, set in a future that could have been, Peter and Mary Jane had a daughter named May, who developed powers like her father. She decided to take the responsibility and became a hero. She frequently joined forces with heroes such as Darkdevil, the Fantastic Five, and the A-Next.

#25 Metamorpho-

After a terrible accident, DC’s Rex Mason was given the ability to change his form to any element on the periodic table. He became a member of the Outsiders, which was briefly led by the Justice Leaguer Batman.

#26 Spider-Man 2099-

Part of Marvel’s alternate future timeline, Miguel O’Hara was accidentally given Spider-Man’s powers while trying to cure himself of addiction and disease. As such, he decided to take on the role of hero in a future where there in no responsibility.

#27 Martian Manhunter-

J’onn is the “Swiss army knives” of powers. He has super strength, can shape shift, has Martian vision, laser eyes, and telepathy. He has been a member of most DC’s Justice League of America incarnations and has seen the team through many trials. While not emotionless, he is kind of the Dr. Spock of the team.

#28 Scarlet Witch-

Okay, so Marvel’s mutant Avenger has tittered on the insane and even caused most mutants to loose their powers, but Wanda Maximoff, Magneto’s daughter, is a true hero. She has fought for justice and has served well in the Avengers and Force Works. While she definitely needs to see a doctor, she rocks!

#29 Nick Fury, NOT the Ultimate-

What can I say? I like the original. Marvel has been doing things to make their comic books more politically correct. While I like Samuel Jackson, I have to admit, I’m a fan of old school Fury. He was bathed in an Infinity Formula that kept him from aging and has disappeared and reappeared several times throughout the years, but always will he be Marvel’s top spy.

#30 Judge Dredd-

He is the law. The 2000 AD comic book hero was originally just a three-page add on to a form of anthology series, but soon gained his own comic book and was later published with DC Comics. He is tough as nails, but always holds to the value of justice. He is judge, jury, and executioner, he is the deadliest of all judges, he is Judge Dredd.

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