Top 100 Comic Book Heroes: Top 10

So you finally made it to the Top 10. These are characters that I read their comic series constantly and even watched the media franchises that spawned from them. You might be shocked at it, but that’s okay, shock value is important. These TEN are the ones the fans REALLY like and they are known throughout the ages as the greatest comic book heroes. I did these in reverse order for the shock value.

 #10 Superman-

He was number 1 on IGN’s list and would’ve been higher on mine. The old school Clark Kent aka Superman was honest and brave. He stood for truth, justice, and the American way. However, with the New 52 reboot, DC Comics removed the “American way” and made him slightly arrogant, whiny, political, and annoying. He still makes the top 10 because of the old school Superman and hopefully DC will return him to his roots.

 #9 Captain America-

Marvel’s Steve Rogers aka Captain America is one of the greatest symbols of truth and justice in the entire sphere of comic book fandom. Marvel does a good job of keeping him patriotic, but not political. He stands as hope and an example for all Avengers to strive to be.

#8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-

Mirage’s iconic heroes, Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo, are kick-butt mutated turtles that sprung from ooze and were raised to be ninjas by a giant rat. You cannot go wrong with a story like that! Their stories are now being remade by IDW, who, so far, have done an excellent job! 

#7 Sonic the Hedgehog-

Yes, I loved the SEGA game, but I also loved the Archie Comic Book Series. I admit I have not followed recent storylines, but I rarely missed an issue in the early days. They were cool, smooth, and awesome. He can run faster than the speed of sound and it when it comes to it, he’s just slick. Sonic is one of the greats! 

#6 Wonder Woman-

There is none like her. She is one of the greatest super powered women in comic book history! She can fly, has super strength, an awesome lasso, and can deflect bullets. When it comes to super women, DC’s Wonder Woman is always at the top of every list!

#5 Iron Man-

Tony Stark aka Iron Man is one rad dude! He is a technological genius, playboy, and just all around cool character. I appreciate his inspiration and his leadership. He always has plenty or resources and cool new gadgets to get himself or his fellow Avengers out of a jam. He might be arrogant, but he is still one of the greatest heroes Marvel has ever created! 

#4 Scarlet Spider-

Ben Reilly, the clone of Peter Parker,  had his own short series and briefly took over for Peter Parker for a time. I was religiously following the Spider-Man comics, but then they killed him off in an incredibly stupid decision. However, with the Spider-Man: The Real Clone Saga Ben is back! Hooray!!! Sadly, the villainous Kaine is posing as him for now. Hopefully, Marvel will get wise and return Ben Reilly, if not as the Scarlet Spider, then at least as a Slinger identity. 

#3 Batgirl-

I like the original Batgirl, Barbara Gordon. When DC Comics paralyzed her, I was FURIOUS though I did enjoy her storyline as Oracle, I was happy when the New 52 reboot put her back in the mask, ready and willing to be Batman’s truest sidekick. I cannot wait to see how the stories will pan out in the future. 


#2 Spider-Man-

Stan Lee’s legendary character Peter Parker aka Spider-Man has lived through time and space itself. He has been revamped with a wimpy version in the Ultimate universe, but it’s the original we all really love. He’s the character we can all relate to. We know him because he is that part of us that knows “with great power, comes great responsibility.” Recently, Marvel has expanded to give him leadership roles. That’s pretty cool! 


#1 Batman-

Oh yes I did! He is truly the world’s greatest hero, though he is too humble to admit it. He has no powers, no special sense, but he has money, resources, a strong support cast, and so much going for him. Bruce Wayne aka Batman has saved not only Gotham City, the Earth, but at times, reality itself. He has come back from the dead and has a media franchise no one has touched. No character can compare and none have even come close. Viva La Batman!!!!

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