Hope Everyone Had A Great Thanksgiving!

Welcome Back!

After a much needed vacation, the Lone Star Daily is no longer off the grid! We’re back to give you fantastic commentary on the news of the day, while also bringing you humor and new things on the pop-culture market.

My Thanksgiving meals were amazing and consisted of enjoying some good ol’ American Football. (The Texan in me has to watch at least one football game at Thanksgiving.) After watching the Houston Texans win their holiday game in Overtime, I was sure it was a sign my truly favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys would beat their rivals the Washington Redskins. Apparently, it wasn’t. While I’m not pleased the Cowboys lost, I was happy that they were not humiliated as they often have been in games past.

On Black Friday, I journeyed to Universal Studios for the first time in my life. I have to admit, it was one of the most fun adventures I’ve ever had. Me and my girlfriend had an absolute blast. I ate at Bubba Gump’s for the first time, rode the JurassicPark water ride, saw the Waterworld show, oh yeah, it was absolutely fun! 

I hope that everyone else had such an enjoyable Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy the upcoming articles!

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