Movie Review: Wreck-It-Ralph

Wreck-It-Ralph is Disney’s latest adventure into CGI animation, and I have to say that I did enjoy this film.

The story goes that Ralph, the villain in an old arcade game called “Fix-It Felix Junior” is tired of constantly being defeated by his game’s titular character, who is a humble Mr. Fix-It with a good heart.

Ralph breaks into a game called “Hero’s Duty” to steal a medal and return to his game to win some respect from his fellow virtual people. He accidentally gets injected into a game called “Sugar Rush” where he befriends a glitch who dreams of being a main avatar in her video game, but is hindered by King Candy, lord of Sugar Rush. What Ralph does not know is Felix and Sergeant Calhoun (from Hero’s Duty) are tracking him, thinking he is game jumping, which could lead to disastrous results for the whole arcade.

Disney once again brings us a fun thrill ride. The movie featured cameos from characters from some of my favorite games. It had Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Pong sticks, and so many more. Even the fictional games felt like a game you would find in an arcade.

The voice casting is impeccable, except for Sarah Silverman’s voice. She played the glitch character from Sugar Rush. Her voice did not seem to match that character well, but it was still good.

I highly recommend this film to anyone! It’s an amazing thrill ride that both the parents and the kids can enjoy.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Name-calling/video game violence


John C. Reilly as Wreck-It Ralph, the villain of Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz, a 9-year-old racer and glitch in Sugar Rush.
Jack McBrayer as Fix-It Felix, Jr., the hero of Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Jane Lynch as Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, the lead character of Hero’s Duty.
Alan Tudyk as King Candy, dictator of Sugar Rush
Mindy Kaling as Taffyta Muttonfudge, an accomplished racer in Sugar Rush and Vanellope’s nemesis.
Joe Lo Truglio as Markowski, a Soldier in Hero’s Duty whom Ralph impersonates.
Ed O’Neill as Mr. Litwak, owner of Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade
Dennis Haysbert as General Hologram, a general in Hero’s Duty
Edie McClurg as Mary, a Nicelander who lives within the game Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Raymond Persi as Mayor Gene, a Nicelander who lives within the game Fix-It Felix, Jr.
Jess Harnell as Don, a Nicelander who lives within the game Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Directed by Rich Moore

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