My Top 20 Favorite Animated Films



This is a list of traditionally animated films that I grew up watching and still love to this day. They made us smile, laugh, and at times, even cry. Of course, this is not a complete list, but it is a set of hilarious animated features.

20. The Hobbit– The first of JRR Tolkien’s Middle-Earth films to be put on the big screen, it featured an old school style animation and a series of musical numbers to fill in the gaps for the longer scenes.

 19. The Aristocats– It’s a funny movie that shows the lifestyle of a pampered cat and her kittens who get thrown out by their greedy butler.

 18. The Lady and the Tramp– it’s a love story that will always be remembered. A trained house dog falls in love with a, well, tramp.

17. The Tom & Jerry Movie– I’ll admit it, giving the iconic cat and mouse a voice took some of the mystery out of the series, but it is one of the most entertaining films.

16. The Fox and the Hound- The story of a hound dog that befriends a fox. They grow up together, but soon have to learn to be friends while existing in two worlds.

15. The Pebble & The Penguin- The story of a penguin who falls in love. Is there anything cuter?

14. 101 Dalmatians- While the Disney live-action remake with Glenn Close was very funny, there’s none like the original.

13. Titan A.E.- In a future where a monstrous alien race has destroyed Earth, a human finds the key to reinventing and bringing the forgotten planet back.

12. The Jungle Book- Disney’s adaption of the popular novel was one of danger, mystery, and adventure. I can still sing Bear Necessities.

11. Mulan– She’s an awesome Disney warrior that can kick butt! It is the perfect retelling of the epic Chinese folktale.

10. Secret of Nimh- Based on the bestselling kid’s novel, this movie was very dark and brooding, but it’s a tale of mice heroically helping one another is one I will always remember.

9. Oliver and Company- At one time, this was my favorite Disney movie. The music was way ahead of its time and the storyboard animation was awesome!

8. We’re Back! A Dinosaur Story- A time traveler gathers a group of dinosaurs and gives them intelligence, but his evil brother wants them to scare people. Sounds simple? It’€™s really not, and it’s one of the coolest animated films made.

7. Tarzan– I loved Tarzan of the Apes, and I really enjoyed this incredible film by Disney. The score, composed by Phil Collins, is one of the best there is.

6. The Land Before Time- The very first of the film series was the absolute best! The sequels, not so much. However, this tale of dinosaur friends coming together to journey home was amazing!

5. Treasure Planet– This Disney’s futuristic retelling the beloved classic Treasure Island. It features humans, aliens, cyborgs, pirates, David Hyde Pierce, and some amazing CGI animation that brings outer space to life.

4. Rock-A-Doodle– It was made by the same people who brought you The Secret of Nihm and Pebble and the Penguin, it has an amazing a rock and roll themed score. It has long been forgotten, but you can watch it on Netflix.

3. Beauty and the Beast- Okay, so it might be unusual for a guy to admit he likes such a romantic film, but it’s one of Disney’s most well made films. It has one of the best music scores of all time, and an amazing voice cast.

The Runner-Up

2. Cats Don’t Dance– The final movie that Gene Kelly worked on before he passed away, it’s the story of a cat named Danny who dreams of being a Hollywood movie star. It has a stellar cast and seamless animation for it’s time.

01 CatsDontDance

The Winner

1. The Lion King– You can’t go wrong with Disney’s wonderful world of talking animals. The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie. It features a compelling story and flawless animation, great voice cast, and an amazing music score.01 The_Lion_King_poster


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