New Made-Up Word: Chickles

Me and four of my friends were driving on a ridiculously long road trip, and one of them decided to create a word. We stopped for gas and we all got snacks.

My friend Danni got one of those sticks cookie where you can dip the sticks into a chocolate dip or something when her sister Raquel meant to ask, “Can I see your sticks,” but because of the tired delirium we were all feeling, it came out, “Can I see your chickles?”

Danni asked, “Chickles? I don’t feel comfortable showing you my chickles.” From there, a sideshow of hilariousness ensued as we started saying things like, “I hope that guy doesn’t have the chickles,” and other such things.

When we were telling another friend about it, she asked, “What does chickles mean?”

I replied, “Well, apparently it means: anything but sticks.”

Thus, another brand new inside joke was formed, but also, we’ve done something that gives such great power. We invented a word. We invented Chickles!!!

So, next time you’re with your friends, use this made up word! It will bring a lot of laughter!


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