Movie Review- Rise of the Guardians

The Easter holiday was fast approaching. The Easter Bunny was busy preparing millions of eggs for all the little kids, as Sandman filled them with dreams, as the Tooth Fairy traded teeth for quarters, and Santa Claus was already prepping for Christmas.

However, at the North Pole, something was afoot. A black cloud came over Santa’s globe, which showed all of the lights File:Rise of the Guardians poster.jpgof the children that believed. This black cloud was none other Pitch Black, the Boogeyman.

Calling together his fellow guardians, they discovered that a new one was to be chosen. This was Jack Frost, a fun loving little imp who has yet to be believed in.

One by one, however, Pitch Black starts to cause the children of the world to forget in The Sandman, who represents a child’s dreams, Santa Claus, who represents a kid’s wonder, the Easter Bunny, who represents a kid’s hope, and the Tooth Fairy, who represents a kid’s memories. As the kids start to forget them, the Boogeyman starts to spread fear and slowly becomes more powerful.

What follows is a heart warming story about discovering your true identity, child-likeness, and the power of belief.

I have not read the book series by William Joyce, so I cannot compare it to that, but I highly recommend this movie to anyone! DreamWorks has gone above and beyond the call of duty of to create for us an excellent film.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Lots of magic, scary images, and talking to the moon. Also, the Guardians are now warriors who also do battle with Pitch Black & his Nightmares.


  • Chris Pine as Jack Frost, the spirit of winter. Jack Frost is a teenage hellion who enjoys creating mischief and has no interest in being bound by rules or obligations.
  • Alec Baldwin as Nicholas St. North (Santa Claus), the leader of the guardians, and the Guardian of Wonder. He lives at the North Pole in the Ice Castle and is served by loyal North Pole natives, the Yetis.
  • Hugh Jackman as E. Aster Bunnymund (Easter Bunny), the fabled keeper and bringer of Easter eggs.
  • Isla Fisher as Tooth (Tooth Fairy), the mythical tooth collector and the Guardian of Memories. because of his perfectly white teeth that, “sparkle like freshly fallen snow.”
  • Jude Law as Pitch Black (The Boogeyman), the essence of fear and the Nightmare King.
  • Dakota Goyo as Jamie, a child who has not given up on believing in the Guardians.
  • Directed by Peter Ramsey

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