Review: The Tea Party Response to the 2013 State of the Union Address

01 Political Insights

I did not find out about this until a few days ago. So, I took time out of my schedule and found a video of Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) delivering a Tea Party response to Democrat President Barack Hussein Obama’s State of the Union address.

While Florida Senator Rubio’s got an excellent review, his fellow Republican gave a more impassioned speech that was equally amazing and informative.

Senator Paul took on special interests, called out both parties for their spending problem, addressed the need for unity, took on the attempt to undermine the 2nd Amendment, asked for a sensible foreign policy, and laid out a defense of Conservative principles that was truly powerful. Once again, it was not as dynamic as it could have been, but he laid out a clearer message than the President, and even to some extent, Senator Rubio.

Senator Paul was engaging and broke it down simply for us. He made a clear case and gave us a clear path to returning to our American Greatness.

Of course, he was criticized by the liberals, secular left, and of course the media lap dogs, but also by his fellow Republicans, particularly establishment Republicans. The GOP need to back their Libertarian group back, not the Barry Goldwater fake Liberal, but honest Conservative Libertarians who will steer us back to the principles that made the United States of America amazing!

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