Movie Review Flashback- Gone

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Directed by Heiter Dhalia (Nina, O Cheira do Ralo) Gone, is a riveting thriller that keeps you at the edge of your seat the whole way through. It has car chases, a serial killer, a strong woman figure, and everything a suspenseful film needs.

The story goes that Jill Conway was kidnapped by a serial killer one year prior to the film. She kidnapped, thrown into a pit filled with human remains, but managed to escape from her would-be killer. However, since she had no evidence, the police did not believe her and forced her into an asylum. When the film starts, she’s living with her sister and is understandably paranoid. One night, Jill comes home to find her sister missing. She begs the police to help, but they have written her off as a cook. She starts to investigate her sister’s absence herself, but since she’s armed, she runs afoul with the law who begin to hunt her instead of looking for the kidnapper.

As stated above, it has all of the necessary items to make it a decent thriller. What made it stand out was Amanda Seyfried’s performance. She was great as potentially disturbed victim who just wants to save her sister from a serial killer. While it had plenty of thrills and the plot was interesting, I will admit, the film is not that original. It is derivative of other serial murderers in film. That being said, I found it entertaining. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: She stuck with her story. And now everytime a girl goes missing, she thinks it’s her guy and she’s in here breaking my balls.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Minor language, some sensuality, and thematic elements.

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  • Amanda Seyfried as Jill Conway
  • Daniel Sunjata as Sgt. Powers
  • Jennifer Carpenter as Sharon Ames
  • Wes Bentley as Det. Peter Hood
  • Sebastian Stan as Billy
  • Katherine Moennig as Det. Erica Lonsdale
  • Michael Paré as Lt. Ray Bozeman
  • Emily Wickersham as Molly Conway
  • Socratis Otto as Jim
  • Joel David Moore as Nick Massey
  • Nick Searcy as M. Miller
  • Jordan Fry as Jock
  • Ted Rooney as Henry Massey
  • Amy Lawhorn as Tanya Muslin
  • Susan Hess as Dr. Mira Anders
  • Jeanine Jackson as Mrs. Cermak
  • Hunter Parrish as Trey

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