Opinion on Accidental Racist

Brad Paisley on his new album Wheelhouse released a track that was sung in a duet with rapper LL Cool J called Accidental Racist. The song discusses racial stereotypes such as a Southern Man wearing the Confederate Battle Flag, and African-Americans wearing what could be perceived as “gangsta” style clothing.

Of course, the Left has come out in full on attack, along with some Conservatives. The Secular Left is saying that there’s a difference between the style that LL Cool J is promoting and of course calling the Stars & Bars a racist symbol. I am a proud Southerner who proudly flies the Southland’s most infamous flag, but not because I am racist, but because I am proud of my heritage which is, of course, the point of the song.

Some have attacked the songs simplistic lyrics and combining of Country music with Rap. I will admit, I doubt that the song with win any accolades because it was not, just being honest, neither Brad Paisley nor LL Cool J’s best. I’ve heard both and they have done so much better. That being said, the criticism the song is getting is totally unfair. I honestly believe it is coming from cultural perspectives and the fear that comes from addressing them and the jealousy that Bad Paisley and LL Cool J beat them to it. Like I said, the song was not amazing, but it was a good, both musically and lyrically.

If you want my opinion, go out and buy Wheelhouse, or buy it online. It is a good song that forces you to address some very strong stereotypes and opinions.

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