Happy Independence Day 2013

One Nation Under GodOn July 3rd of 2013 my church came together to celebrate the birthday of our country. I watched happily as we all gathered together, ate together, had fun together, watched fireworks together, and I realized something very powerful: as long as Americans continue to come together, it’s going to be okay.

Are things happening that we don’t like and maybe find offensive? Yes. However, I believe that American Greatness is found in the souls of her people. As long as we continue to have pride in the United States of America, we will find that we can unite to battle the things that would destroy our country. We must not become complacent. When I was in seminary, I met several international students who were amazing, but they had no pride in their country.

My fellow Americans, let us come together on this day and every single one afterwards. We must unite and stand up with pride in our great country. Yes, there are many problems that we as a nation must handle, but I believe, if we come together, we can overcome them! Happy Independence Day!

I’ll be on hiatus until next week!

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