Book Review: Hand of Fate

01 HandOfFate

Lis Wiehl’s second “Triple Threat” novel, co-written with April O’Henry, brings us closer to home than ever before. It reunites Federal Prosecutor Cassidy Shaw, FBI Special Agent Nicole Hedges, and crime reporter Cassidy Shaw, a time unofficially called “Triple Threat” together to solve another high profile murder.

The outspoken Conservative talk radio host John Fate of The Hand of Fate is murdered by poison gas, the result of which causes the forced evacuation of downtown Portland. It soon becomes personal when it is revealed that Ms. Shaw was secretly dating Mr. Fate. As the days go by, they find out that Mr. Fate kept many things hidden about his private life and what he planned to do with his career. Little do they know, the killer is a lot closer than they think.

Former federal prosecutor and legal analyst, turned best-selling author Lis Wiehl once again delivers us a straight-up “whodunit” with intrigue, conspiracies, and gives us background into the talk-radio office politics. Interlaced are personal stories from the three main characters, which will keep you thoroughly engaged as they try to solve the crime whilst navigating their home life.

I highly recommend this book! It will keep you on the edge of your seat and up all night wanting to know what happens next! Be sure to like and subscribe for more reading recommendations.

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