Movie Review Flashback- Flightplan


Robert Schwentke is a new director on the scene. With this new film Flightplan, he takes on a suspenseful ride through one woman’s desire to find the truth when every parent’s nightmare comes true. 

Kyle Pratt (played brilliantly by Jodi Foster) is a widowed mother of a six year old daughter who is moving back to America after her husband died in Germany where she worked as an airline engineer. As she and her daughter board the plane ahead of everyone else, they both fall asleep. When Mrs. Pratt awakens, every parent’s worst nightmare has come true. Her daughter has gone missing. To make matters worse, no one seems to remember her daughter and the captain approaches her with evidence that her died along with her husband. Mrs. Pratt goes on a desperate search for her daughter as the crew and fellow passengers refuse to help her, believing her to be delusional. 

This is a brilliant thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole ride. It is filled with twists and turns at just the right moment. It takes from Alfred Hitchcock in that suspense is used to scare instead of blood and gore. It is a brilliant film that especially highlights Jodi Foster’s talent.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Foul language and scary images 


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