Book Review- Lee Strobel’s The Ambition

01 Ambition

Lee Strobel, author of the non-fiction The Case For Christ book series, has delved into fiction with the political drama The Ambition.

The story goes that Illinois’ junior senator is being forced to resign because of a scandal. The governor of the Land of Lincoln has two very different choices. The first is a Chicago judge, who is thought to be a man of honor, but in secret does dirty work for the mob. The second is megachurch pastor Eric Snow. He is a man of unending integrity, but some fear that his political aspirations might be clouding his judgment. However, soon after the pastor’s name is mentioned as a choice, not one, but two miracles happen at his church Diamond Fellowship. While his staff is elated, he feels that it might jeopardize his chances with being appointed to the United States Senate.

Meanwhile, a newspaper reporter Garry Strider, whose original interest in the church was personal, soon finds that there is a web of intrigue that is developing around this senate appointment and much more is to come.

The author weaves an excellent thriller that will keep you up at night wanting to know what happens. While some of the characters are a bit cliché, I still was constantly sneaking time to read it because I wanted to know exactly how it ended. So will you.

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