Movie Review Flashback- Disney’s Miracle

Gavin O’Connor directs this film brilliantly. It shows a nation afraid, afraid of loosing everything. It shows the pressure put on a team. One team. A team of the greatest college hockey players in the United States are placed in a tough position. They must beat the unstoppable Soviet Russian hockey team. 

Coach Herb Brooks is tasked with coaching the USA’s 1980 Olympic Hockey Team. He knows that to do this, he has to change everything about coaching the sport to unite a team of mismatched players. As the Russians continue to dominate by playing like a well-oiled machine, the USA Team does not seem to handle the teamwork.  It shows him as they travel and slowly all the hockey players become a team. 

This is a truly inspiring film about the spirit that is in every American. It shows how we defeated an unstoppable force. Kurt Russell is brilliant as Coach Brooks. He nailed the part and while the film does take liberties with the history, it definitely showed the spirit of the Cold War as communism continued to dominate Europe and the minds of Americans. However, one hockey team showed what it truly means to be a team made up of individuals. 

FAVORITE QUOTE: Great moments come from great opportunity. 

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Language and sports related violence

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  • Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks, U.S. Olympic hockey coach 
  • Patricia Clarkson as Patti Brooks, Wife of Brooks.
  • Noah Emmerich as Craig Patrick, Assistant General Manager and Assistant Coach under Brooks.
  • Sean McCann as Walter Bush, General Manager of the U.S. Olympic hockey team.
  • Kenneth Welsh as Doc Nagobads, Team physician and long-time friend of Brooks.
  • Eddie Cahill as Jim Craig, U.S. Olympic team’s starting goaltender. Plays in every minute of every game.
  • Patrick O’Brien Demsey as Mike Eruzione, Plays forward and becomes captain of the U.S. Olympic team. 
  • Michael Mantenutoas  Jack O’Callahan, Plays on the U.S. Olympic hockey team.
  • Nathan West as Rob McClanahan, Gets into a fight with O’Callahan in the first practice.
  • Kenneth Mitchell as Ralph Cox, Last player cut from the U.S. Olympic team because Brooks can only take twenty players.
  • Eric Peter-Kaiser as Mark Johnson, Scores two out of the four goals in the victory over the Soviets.
  • Bobby Hanson as Dave Silk, Forward on the U.S. Olympic team
  • Joseph Cure as Mike Ramsey, Youngest player on the U.S. Olympic team.
  • Billy Schneider as Buzz Schneider, Plays left wing and is a part of the Conehead line. 
  • Nate Miller as John Harrington, Plays on the Conehead line.
  • Chris Koch as Mark Pavelich, Assists Baker on the tying goal
  • Kris Wilson as Phil Verchota, Forward on the U.S. Olympic team.
  • Stephen Kovalcik as Dave Christian, Defenseman on the U.S. Olympic team. 
  • Sam Skoryna as Steve Janaszak, Expected to be the top goaltender of the U.S. Olympic team
  • Pete Duffy as Bob Suter, Defenseman on the U.S. Olympic team.
  • Nick Postle as Bill Baker, Scores the game-tying goal against Sweden in the opening game of the Olympics.
  • Casey Burnette as Ken Morrow, Defenseman on the U.S. Olympic team.
  • Scott Johnson as Steve Christoff, Forward on the U.S. Olympic team.
  • Trevor Alto as Neal Broten, Forward on the U.S. Olympic team.
  • Robbie MacGregor as Eric Strobel, Forward on the U.S. Olympic team.
  • Joe Hemsworth as Mark Wells, Forward on the U.S. Olympic team.
  • Zinaid Memišević as Viktor Tikhonov, Hockey coach for the Soviet team.

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