Movie Review- Safe Haven


Nicholas Sparks has not only written some bestselling romance novels, but he has also seen many adapted onto screen. Some have been more greatly received than others, but Safe Haven, directed by Lasse Hallström is one of the greats. I know I am in the minority when it comes to critics regarding this film, but I do not care what they think. They have gotten it wrong SO many times. With this in mind, I rented it on DVD.

The story goes that a young woman on the run named Katie pulls into a small, sleepy town of Smallport, North Carolina as they are preparing for a Fourth of July celebration. There she befriends a neighbor named Jo, a young woman who confides that she wants to leave town, but cannot yet.

She also meets Alex, a local single dad with two kids who runs a convenience store. They take a liking to each other and soon start to fall in love. However, there is a cop obsessed with finding Katie and puts out an all points bulletin on her labeling her a suspect in a murder.

I am not a fan of romantic movies, but I have a list of ones I will watch without complaining, and this one made it on there. It is a great story and told very beautifully. While the suspense level could have been higher, it definitely was a movie that any guy could treat his special lady to a movie night with and enjoy it himself.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Language, sensuality


  • Julianne Hough as Katie Feldman
  • Josh Duhamel as Alex Wheatley
  • Cobie Smulders as Jo
  • David Lyons as Kevin Tierney
  • Mimi Kirkland as Lexie Wheatley
  • Noah Lomax as Josh Wheatley
  • Irene Ziegler as Mrs. Feldman
  • Robin Mullins as Maddie
  • Red West as Roger
  • Juan Carlos Piedrahita as Detective Ramirez
  • Cullen Moss as Deputy Bass
  • Mike Pniewski as Lieutenant Robinson

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