Movie Review Flashback- Extreme Days

01 Extremedaysdvdcover

Okay, yes, this Christian film was made in 2001, but hey, it is still good. It was directed by Eric Hannah and uses Tobymac’s song Extreme Days as its theme.

The story goes that four friends, Matt, Will, Corey, and Brian set off on a post-college (well, Jr. College) adventure. However, whilst surfing in Mexico, Corey gets a report that his grandfather has passed away and left him a great fortune. Though low on cash, the four set off on this journey where they encounter curve-ball after curve-ball, including meeting Brian’s beautiful cousin Jessie on their trip to Washington state to claim Corey’s inheritance.

Yes, I did say Extreme Days was a Christian film, so I know you are thinking that it is going to be cheesy, well, actually, it is not. It is a comedy full of antics that will have you laughing all the way through. The film has an awesome soundtrack featuring Tobymac, newsboys, Tait, Sonicflood, Skillet, and many others,It is thoroughly clean and a well made production. It is perfect for a youth lock-in or movie night and I highly recommend it.

PARENTAL CONCERNS- Scatological humor and mild thematic elements


  • Derek Hamilton as Matt McKeague
  • AJ Buckley as Will McKeague
  • Dante Brasco as Corey Ng
  • Ryan Browning as Brian Davidson
  • Cassidy Rae as Jessie Jacobs

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