Movie Review Flashback- Brother White

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David AR White and his friends at PureFlix produce Christian films for the whole family. I have seen a few of them. The early ones needed some work, shall we say, but I will add that their films are getting better and better as oppose to getting worse or stagnating. Writers Tommy Blaze, Sean Paul Murphy, and Matt Richards are setting us up for a great, hilarious ride!

Brother White follows an Associate Pastor at a megachurch in Los Angeles who twice embarrasses the Senior Pastor, once live on television. As a “punishment” he is sent to a sister church in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a little awkward because the congregation is predominantly African-American, while the White family, are well, white.

The church is facing financial difficulties and is trying to raise the money to pay back a bank loan or they will be foreclosed on. Before Brother White can fix the church, however, he has to fix his family, especially things with his daughter.

Director Brian Herzlinger does a great job crafting the story together. He brings in some great comedy and some very witty dialogue. The cast does an excellent job in acting out their roles. I will admit, it is very good, but it feels like a television film. That being said, it is a great film for the whole family that promotes excellent and godly values.

Thank you, Pureflix Entertainment, keep the films coming!

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Mild thematic elements


  • David AR White as James White
  • Andrea Logan White as Lily White
  • Anna Margaret Collins as Emma White
  • Gibson Sjobeck as Cooper White
  • Victoria Jackson as Victoria Chamberlain
  • Bruce Davidson as Howard Chamberlain
  • Jackee Harry as Venee
  • Reginald Vel Johnson as Hill
  • Ray Wise as Pastor Johnny Kingman
  • Ken Sagoes as Clayton Hampton

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