Book Review- Sexperiment by Ed Young

Brought us by a guest contributor, Pastor Jeb Airey, of Journey Community Church in Lumberton, TX:

 What would you say to seven straight days of sex? That is the question posed by the book Sexperiment, Seven Days to Lasting Intimacy with Your Spouse, written by co-authors Ed and Lisa Young. The Youngs are a married couple and both serve on staff at one of America’s largest churches, Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. Ed serves there Sexperimentas the lead pastor to his congregation of 20,000.

So, what is a pastor of church doing writing so openly about a subject taboo as sex? According to our authors, sex is an essential part of the bond that holds a married couple together. The book speaks extensively about the purpose of sex within marriage and how healing sex is meant to be.

According to the authors, many couples have turned into almost never-sex partners because of stress, work, and kids. Sex for seven days in row will mean that couples will have to turn to each other and listen to what the other has to say. Sexperiment is not a sex manual, but rather a preparation tool to get the most out of your sex week and marriage.

The book is full of helpful advice including discourses on the following common marital issues:

  • The problem with saying “no” and how to handle that when it is necessary.
  • The dangers of making sex either a reward or a punishment.
  • Why the most important relationship in the family is between the husband and wife and not parent to child.
  • What to do when sex just becomes sex.
  • How to rekindle the fire of love between a husband and wife.

Beyond the advice for married couples, the book is also meant as a training tool for single adults and engaged couples. Each chapter ends with three separate sets of questions for discussion that are designed to bring health to singles, engaged couples and married couples.

Some will ask if the pastor of a church should be writing a book like this. Ed says that God’s design for sex is written throughout the Bible and since he preaches from the Bible it should not be off-limits for him. He relays several stories in the book where husbands and wives thanked him for being so candid about the subject. One was a 70+ year old man who publically thanked Ed in a “too much information” sort of way. Ed also relays that he received a standing ovation from the men in his congregation when he first introduced them to the idea of the sexperiment.

Finally, Ed and Lisa, as pastors have counseled hundreds and couples and have been married to each other for over 30 years.

Sexperiment, as New York Times and Amazon bestsellers, might be a good choice to add to your February reading. After all, Valentine’s Day is coming, and better gift could you give to your better half than a better relationship.

Sexperiement is available at Lifeway,, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble and most other book stores.

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