”Justice League: War’ Review- World’s Finest Unite

Justice League: War is a new animated film directed by Jay Oliva. It is the second of the newly created DC Animated Movie Universe from Warner Animation and based on DC Comics’ New 52 story “Justice League: Origin” by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee.

Batman (Jason O’Mara) is investigating a series of kidnappings in Gotham City when Green Lantern (Justin Kirk) arrives, revealing that it is an alien threat. The two head to Metropolis where they encounter Superman (Alan Tudyk) and after a brief misunderstanding, come to terms. The Flash (Christopher Gorham) is working with STAR Labs scientist Silas Stone (Rocky Carroll) on finding out what is going on. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman (Michelle Monaghan) is in Washington DC when Parademons from the planet Apokolips invade. Billy Batson (Zach Callison) transforms into Shazam (Sean Astin) and an accident at his father’s laboratory at STAR turns college football star Victor Stone (Shemar Moore) into a Cyborg. As the invasion continues, the seven heroes have to unite when a greater threat known as Darkseid (Steve Blum) emerges.

I will admit that I had mixed feelings when this film was announced. I am not a fan of the New 52 version of Superman, so I did not know what to expect. However, I did enjoy it a great deal.

The filmmakers brought the Justice League into the modern era with this movie and provided them an Earth-shattering foe that could challenge all of them, even the Man of Steel. I enjoyed how they all came together to fight this foe and how even a loner like Batman had to realize that the invasion was bigger than him.

As for the performances, everyone did a great job. I especially enjoyed Sean Astin as Shazam. He was spot-on as the character. I was expecting Kevin Conroy to reprise his role from Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, since that kicked off the DCAMU. However, Jason O’Mara is excellent as the Dark Knight. His voice acting skills are excellent as he brings on the brooding nature of Bruce Wayne.

Bottom line, Justice League: War is an excellent adaption of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s New 52 origin, but also an excellent movie that will give every fan of the DC Universe a reason to enjoy it.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: My name is Bruce Wayne. When I was ten, my parents were murdered in front of my eyes. I’ve spent my life training to fight the same sort of criminals that took them from me. But this, this is different. This isn’t about me.

Check out the trailer below:

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