Walk Together- A Poem

walk together- a poem

No words can describe my joy with you
I love the way the morning brings us anew
As we talk together, I pray we always
walk together
Cuz, my dear, that is what lovers do

May our words be filled with faith, hope, and love
As we watch the stars fill the night sky above
There’s happiness in the air
Forget all our cares
For we will fly on wings of the dove

God blessed us from the very first day
I believe that it happened that way
So let us embrace
We will win this race
And we will defeat any negative fray

So let us speak of nothing but bliss
I hope you like the way I speak this
It is who we are
Our love will take us far
As we us fall into each and every kiss

No word or rhyme can describe the joy I feel
Yes your love is a very big deal
I never believed in destiny
Until you said that you loved me
And this love we have is true and real

©Jacob Airey 2014 Composed May 6, 2014

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