Book Series Reviews- Chelsea Adams Duology by Brandilyn Collins

I love Brandilyn Collins, so I decided to review her Chelsea Adams Series which includes: Eyes of Elisha and Dread Champion. These two books will keep you on the edge of your seat. They each are one thrill ride after the other. 

Some critics have stated that the books are too similar to Stephen King’s Dead Zone. I disagree. While they are about a woman who can see prophetic visions of people she touches, they come at random and the plot of both novels are totally different from King’s novel. 

Eyes of Elisha is about Chelsea Adams learning to cope with her prophetic gift. She soon touches someone who believes killed someone. As a police investigation begins, she soon finds it is more complicated situation than she could ever imagine. 

Dread Champion follows Chelsea Adams as she is placed on a jury. The rest of jurors know of her and think that she is nothing more than a joke. As the case builds up, it becomes apparent someone wants her on the jury for more nefarious reasons. 

Both of these novels are excellent. I was sad she only wrote two books in this series, but Chelsea Adams makes another appearance in the Hidden Faces Book 4: Web of Lies

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