I Am- A Poem

I am- poem

God called Himself I Am
He said it to us when He made man
He said I Am omnipotent
He said I Am all sufficient
He said I Am the Lion and the Lamb
He said that He is the Great I Am

You know what, He wasn’t through
He said that we are ‘I am’ too
It’s with a lower case ‘a’ and that’s okay ‘cuz it’s true

He said I am set free
I am forgiven by his mercy
I am his friend
I am one of his children
I am secured in salvation
I am with His new creation

I am redeemed by the cross
I am saying that I’ve counted it all as loss
I am no longer in darkness
and now I am in the light
I am now rejoicing for He saved me from sin’s plight
I am no longer scared by death, the pit, or the grave
I am thanking Jesus because it is through Him I’m saved

I am God’s masterpiece
I am amazed that His wonders never cease
I am not my own and I can never repay that fee
I am forever received by the passion He has for me
I am welcome into his Kingdom in Heaven of above
But most importantly and the greatest of all
I am forever in His love

Composed March 4, 2014 (c) 2015 Jacob Airey

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