Legal Thriller Read- Directed Verdict

Directed Verdict comes from the mind of Randy Singer comes a bold legal thriller that will no doubt challenge some peoples beliefs on what it means to get justice and on what the value of a life is when you have to challenge people who far more powerful than you. 

In Saudi Arabia, an American missionary is captured by the government, framed on trumped up charges, and beaten. The husband is murdered and the wife deported. Now she turns to attorney Brad Carlson to make a bold move in suing the Saudi Arabian government in the United States to get justice for her husband. 

Randy Singer is a brilliant legal writer and this book caused many sleepless nights as I navigated the maze of twists and turns in this incredible book. 

It does a great job of showing the dangers that are all around American missionaries who are in hostile nations. I have many missionary friends and it is not something that should taken lightly. While Randy Singer is not John Grisham, his expertise in law and his storytelling abilities will captivate you. 

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2 thoughts on “Legal Thriller Read- Directed Verdict

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