Classic Book Review- Ayn Rand’s The Anthem

Ayn Rand is a talented writer and I enjoy her philosophical point of view. I don’t agree with it totally, but I do find some of it refreshing.

The Anthem is a novella that tells the story an individual is trapped in a society where everyone is forced to refer to themselves as ‘we’ and are forced to do whatever the society tells them to.

Our protagonist is a Street Sweeper who witnesses someone getting a lashing, and everyone cheers, but he does not. He begins a search for his individualism and even falls in love with a beautiful woman. She too witnessed the lashing and begins to feel for our Street Sweeper who calls her his Golden One. What follows is an amazing story of one man and woman’s journey to discovering their individuality.

While the story is groundbreaking, I found some of her conclusions wanting. While Objectivism (Ayn Rand’s philosophy) is very intellectual, but it does lack in some qualities. 

However The Anthem‘s plot is a great read. It has drama, science fiction, and even a slight touch of steampunk. It has a dash of everything for readers.

2 thoughts on “Classic Book Review- Ayn Rand’s The Anthem

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