Graphic Novel Review- Sonic Firsts

Archie Comics published the first excellent comic based series based on the SEGA video game her Sonic the Hedgehog. While it featured many game characters including Dr. Robotnik (I refuse to call him Eggman), sidekick Tails, and Floating Island guardian Knuckles the Echidna, the comic book took inspiration from the Saturday morning cartoon called SatAM Sonic by the fans. They did their first graphic novel, Sonic Firsts, in 1997.

Unlike a collection a complete saga, Sonic Firsts is a collected group of first appearances. Don’t Cry for Me, Mobius! is the first showdown between Dr. Robotnik and Sonic and also introduces the Freedom Fighters. Characters like Princess Sally, the tech-genius Rotor the Walrus, swordsman Antoine the Poodle, Tails the Fox, etc. Rabbot Deployment! introduces the characters, the half-robot Cajun rabbit Sally. The Lizard of Odd! features Super Sonic fighting a giant lizard robot. This Island Hedgehog has Sonic meeting Knuckles the Echidna for the first time.

Honestly, this graphic novel is more about nostalgia. It captures the magic of those classic Sonic comic books before they decided to make ridiculous changes like calling Robotnik the “Eggman,” making the planet Mobius nameless, and trying to appease SEGA. These issues is when it was good.

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