26 Famous Movie and TV Stars That Cannot Act

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Every now and then, I am shocked to see who who has a television series or is a multi-million dollar star. These men and women cut paychecks from the Hollywood elite, but they cannot act their way out of paper bag. Here 26 famous movie and television stars that cannot act.

26. Amy Schumer- Yelling the “f bomb” and telling feminists jokes do not make you a good actress (or even comedian). Yet, she has her own sketch comedy series and often gets roles in movies and TV appearances.

25. Matt LeBanc- Okay, so he was great in Friends, but after that, his small appearances have just been painful. It is almost embarrassing to watch as he tries to be a shadow of his former self.

24. Jennifer Lopez- Okay, she is a good singer. I will give her that, but she is not an actress. She just plays the same character over and over again, but unlike John Wayne or Wanda Sykes, she is bad at it.

23. Macaulay Culkin- As a child star, he shined. As an adult star, he has not only let himself go as far as looks, but his acting skills have declined exponentially as well.

22. Patrick Dempsey- He is a snooze. He is dull and uninteresting. His on screen presence feels like a potato on screen. All of his facial expressions appear forced, like he had to pinch himself to make the right face.

21. George Clooney- The man has a charming smile, but that is about it. He is a good director, but he’s neither funny or interesting in comedies and not believable in dramas.

20.  Katherine Heigl- She’s not a good actress and no one wants to work with her. That is not a good combination. Pretty much she makes her career out of acting awkwardly around her co-stars.

19. Ashton Kutcher- It seems his only goal in any film is to just give that goofy grin of his. He was okay in Jobs, I suppose, but unless he is playing himself, the film is one big disaster.

18. Jonathan Pryce- This British star is famous because of the sheer volume of films he has been in. However, he is bland and his occasional comedic roles are droll, but not funny.

17. Jessica Biel- Now, there might be an argument that she has kind of gone away, but she is still appearing in indie films. She claims it is because she is too pretty, but we know otherwise.

16. Sean Penn- His big purpose in life is to fill our ears with socialistic propaganda. He has not escaped his semi-teen roles. He basically just raises his eyebrows every time he emphasizes something.

15. Jenny Slate- This girl can’t act, write, or even be funny. Her voice acting is okay, I suppose, but seriously, how does she keep getting parts? Probably for the same reason as Amy Schumer.

14. Brendan Fraser- This guy. What to say? He just acts confused in every single one of his films. He has not been in much recently, not that I’m surprised, but he pops up every now and then.

13. Kristen Stewart- The mouth breathing actress who made stalking and abuse the new cool. She has not acted in a single good film and not one of her faux romances were believable.

12. Seth Green- I’m not sure why I even need an explanation. He’s just cast because of his red hair, unique voice, and he can scream like a girl. Acting, however, is not his strong suit.

11. Mike Meyers- Though his fame has somewhat faded, he just will not go away. He has been in one bomb after another and keeps on going strong. Flop after flop after flop.

10. Piper Perabo- She’s okay, but again, she just plays herself. Yet, she lands role after role in both television and film. I just do not understand it. I hear she might be a lead role in a TV series.

09. Matt Dillon- His big claim to fame is looking mad all the time. Seriously, even when he’s having a good time, he looks angry. Dude, learn to smile in a sincere way. It is basic acting.

08. Heather Graham- She is a climate change activist. That is the only reason she is still on the speed dial of the Hollywood elite. She cannot act and she is not very interesting, yet you see her all the time.

07. Jeremy Sisto- Okay, he had a couple of good scenes in Law & Order, but outside of that, what else has he truly done? He has a deep voice that he used to ruin Batman in Justice League: The New Frontier.

06. Chloë Grace Moretz- She was a good kid actor, but she has not done a whole lot of good with her first few adult roles. Maybe she will get better. You have to in the Hollywood business.

05. Taylor Kitsch- This guy is so bland in his acting, sometimes I wonder if he is suppose to be a parody. He has been in some good films, but only thanks to the participation of others.

04. Megan Fox- Okay, her small appearances in, well nothing have been important. She is just there to just kind of be there. She cannot act, yet she keeps making appearances in films.

03. Chad Michael Murray- This guy was teenage hot throb in Gilmore Girls. That is it. He is the gift who keeps on giving with his blonde hair and annoying attempt at a charming smile.

02. Michael Shannon- He shows no emotion whatsoever in his films. This gave him an edge in Iceman, but outside of that, he’s not even good in his movie’s trailers. Yet, he gets a role planning Elvis in a future film.

01. Lena Dunham- The girl who admitted to molesting her sister in her autobiography keeps getting her show renewed for no reason other than she is a feminist who says the right things to the right people.

That is my list. Did I leave any out? Be sure to subscribe for more upcoming entertainment and pop culture articles.

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