11 Things Not To Say To Your Sick Wife: A Humor Piece

speech-bubble not#11 Don’t cough on my pillow.

#10 Hey honey, do you feel better? I’m hungry.

#9 Since you’re sick, I stopped by the dollar store and got some hand sanitizer…for me.

#8 Stop sneezing, I’m trying to watch this show!

#7 Would you sleep on the couch? I don’t want to catch it.

#6 I heard all your symptoms the first time you told me.

#5 Since you’re sick, you can pick out a movie to watch tonight. No, not that one!

#4. Do you have to cough and sneeze so loud?

#3 Are you really sick or have you been crying?

#2 I never said I would organize the medicine cabinet. Could you do it?

#1 I think you gave me something. Could you make me something?

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