Great Classic Christian Read: Mere Christianity

01 Mere Christianity

Whatever happened to the CS Lewises of the world? CS Lewis, by no means a perfect man, defined Christianity for not one, but two generations. While I do not agree with everything he believes, I find comfort in the writings of this man, from a time when Christians were courageous, and wouldn’t let their faith collapse after every single went wrong in their life. He grieved when tragedy struck and asked questions, but instead of letting those questions lead him down paths of destruction, he let them lead him closer to Christ. 

Mere Christianity is a great Christian classic, filled with all kinds of incredible points and answers to difficult questions. He breaks down topics relating to the Trinity (God the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit) to faith, doing good, blessings, honor, and so much more. It is such an incredible book written by an incredible man of God. It should be required reading across the board at Catholic, Protestant, and Pentecostal schools. It breaks down barriers and brings ideas and thoughts to life. 

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