Great Sci-Fi Read- Sky Chronicles: When The Sky Fell

01 sky chronicles when the sky fell

Good science fiction is hard to come by these days. Mike Lynch and Brandon Barr do just that, they deliver a good science fiction novel in Sky Chronicles: When The Sky Fell.

In 2217, the Earth has just won a war against the Antarans, but then new invaders come in the form of the monstrous Deravans, who will stop at nothing to destroy the humans home planet. Commander Frank Yamane is forced to do the unthinkable: go to the Antarans and ask for their help. Facing opposition and even mutiny, he must unite humans and Antarans to in order to save both species. 

Filled with interstellar space travel, action, space ship fight scenes, alien-human relationships, it is a great book that all science fiction enthusiasts and longtime fans alike will find very well written and entertaining.




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